Developer powerful financial apis

Commercial banking should be simple and easy to access. We work with banks to create RESTful APIs and webhooks so that you can programmatically access your bank's offerings.

All developers deserve beautiful APIs, particularly where their and their customer’s money is concerned. Our goal at Standard Treasury is to provide all businesses, particularly technology ones, access to world class financial services in new and powerful ways. This is why we started Standard Treasury: so that you can bring the power of banks to your applications and business logic, regardless of your size.

In the last few years we have been inspired by the revolution that has occurred in online payments. We are bringing the same developer-friendly focus to commercial banking. We’re developers ourselves and are working hard with our bank partners to create seamless experiences.

Developer APIs

ACCEPT: flat-fee ACH acceptance

SEND: flat-fee ACH remittance

EXCHANGE: foreign currency quoting and execution

ACCOUNT: bank and brokerage account creation and deletion
STATUS: account balances, inter-account transfers, and more