Bank tailored new technologies

Each year banks spend hundreds of billions of dollars on information technology and services. Yet, it is the poor quality of the products offered by bank vendors that creates much of the friction between banks and their customers. Standard Treasury is bringing bank technology into the 21st century.

We build solutions that help your bank sell modern, adaptable, responsive products - allowing you to service your customers more efficiently. Innovation is hard but we relish the opportunity to build secure and compliant products that are still beautiful and have your customers' needs in mind. We work directly with banks and their customers so that our products are design- and user experience-driven from the start.

We understand that security and compliance are cornerstones of good banking and are what keep you up at night. Our backgrounds are the right combination of financial services, government, and Silicon Valley to understand your needs and deliver compliant, cutting edge technology solutions to meet them.

Our initial product is a white-labeled, SAAS, API interface and developer experience for your customers. For the first time, Standard Treasury’s technology enables enterprises to interface with their bank accounts over RESTful API. For our bank partners this increases the volume of transactional revenue, decreases churn, and creates a marketable differentiator.